HOCl Fogger

HOCl Fogger

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Our HOCl Room fogger/mister is suitable for medium to large size rooms upto 50 cubic metres. 

The fine dry mist will not interfere with computer hardware, PCB boards, dental units or their upholstery.

It has a clean pleasant clinical smell.

Please ensure the HOCl you are using is no more than 160ppm solution.

You can buy pre-mixed solutions such as Optizil but these can often work out expensive.

An alternative would be to create your own HOCl.  This can be done for as little as 10p/5L: https://www.midlandsppe.com/tablets-to-create-hypochlorous-acid


We are aware of other dental distributors selling our units for almost double the price.  Why pay more?

Our foggers are £125 each, or we offer a surgery pack of 4 foggers for £396 (£99 each)


Each Fogger weighs less than 3kg when empty, and measures approximately 350mmx240mmx130mm, ideal for desktop placement.

Created using electrolyzed water technology, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a safe, non-toxic, natural substance created in the white cells of the human body that when duplicated by scientists, has been used as a powerful disinfectant for more than a century.

The chemical ”opposite” of chlorine bleach, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) solutions are 100x MORE POWERFUL antimicrobials than bleach as well as most conventional or industrial cleaning products. Safe to touch, they’re more than just powerful disinfectants, they are also excellent as a hand sanitizer, and can also remove biofilms and grease like nothing else.

Unlike bleach or toxic cleaning chemicals, HOCl is safe on or around humans, pets, plants and even food. That means it can be introduced to any environment by liquid or airborne means; no other chemical, bleach or antibacterial can make that claim. You can disinfect an entire room in minutes, with or without the presence of humans or food sources.

This can be a BIG advantage to our businesses.

  • 100x MORE POWERFUL disinfectant than bleach, the gold standard of germ killing; an important distinction as we all try to emerge safely from quarantine
  • Kills all known dangerous pathogens, viral and bacterial, on contact with lasting protection
  • 100% SAFE non-toxic on or around humans, pets, plants and marine life
  • Organic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, all-natural; environmentally friendly
  • EPA registered as a safe and powerful disinfectant
  • Inexpensive, minimal storage space required - 
  • Proven – used in hospitals and surgical suites for more than a century

Spend less time cleaning with safer, more sanitary results. Let your patient and staff COME BACK WITH CONFIDENCE that you have gone the extra mile in cleanliness to better protect yourselves, your employees and your patients.

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